Virtual Zoom Caricatures

Virtual Caricature Video

What are Virtual Zoom Caricatures?

Wow your guests and clients with Virtual  Zoom Caricatures.  People throughout your online meeting room will be awed by watching the magic of Ellen and her associates creating a humorous caricature on a digital tablet as it is viewed on their personal computers or device.  Your guests receive an immediate caricature with your branded logo or title.

How does it work?

You will invite one of our artists to cohost in your upcoming meeting or party. We will show up at the designated time and will  draw caricatures of your participants while the meeting is in session. We also provide a web address that shows all the caricatures we drew.  We average 9 individual caricatures per hour in black and white and 7 in color.

Pricing-Contact Ellen (312) 804-9317 or