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Digital Caricaturists in Chicago

If you can’t laugh at yourself…I’ll help! For Digital Caricaturists in Chicago, call 312-804-9317

 Are you looking for a humorous, high tech, digital, and personalized entertainment for your main event in Chicago?

How Digital Caricaturists captivate your guests at your next event

Digital Caricaturists in Chicago wows your guests at your main events. To engage your guests, hire Ellen Lustig’s digital caricaturists. We draw either Live Digital Caricatures or Traditional Caricatures for main events in Chicago as well as Nationwide. What better way to entertain your guests than to make them laugh! We draw humorous caricatures that your guests will always cherish and use for their personal social media needs. In addition, our customized template with your brand will forever remind your attendees where they received their caricature. By attaching their digital caricature to a wearable clear plastic lanyard, your attendees will bring traffic to your booth. Think of it, your attendees will act as walking billboards for your brand. You not only give your guests a personalized cartoon portrait in print and digital form, but enhance your brand at the same time.

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Ellen Lustig provides digital caricatures from photos for unique corporate gifts.

We provide corporate gift cartoons. Ellen Lustig creates digital caricature illustrations for unique personalized custom gifts. For a group caricature illustration of your team-mates, consider Ellen’s caricatures from photos. For a hilarious team gift, Ellen will create a full cartoon illustration of your team.  Merely send photos to Ellen with a general concept of your illustration and Ellen will create a custom cartoon for you and your team. For the most memorable retirement gift, hire Ellen Lustig to draw a cartoon illustration of the retiree with their hobbies and interests. These fun-filled creations are commissioned for merger celebration gifts, wedding announcements, retiree gifts, birthday gifts, pet lover’s gifts, and company logos. Contact Ellen to get a free quote for your caricature entertainment or gift needs today!

Caricatures from Photos

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