traditional caricature entertainment

Traditional Caricatures for Entertainment

Traditional Caricatures for Entertainment

Traditional caricatures for entertainment is fun-filled and a perfect way to engage your guests at events. Ellen Lustig and her associates will ensure that your party will be remembered since the guests will take home a personalized cartoon caricature of themselves. By engaging with guests and drawing funny pictures of them, you can be sure that everyone will be entertained and have a great time.

Hire Ellen for Traditional Caricatures

Hire Ellen and her associates to draw traditional caricatures with their magical markers. Your guests will enjoy not only receiving a personalized cartoon portrait of themselves, but also the rapportĀ  in conversations with the artists. As the subject is being drawn, others at your event can watch the caricature evolve on the easel. Comments from the peanut gallery are always welcome and may be incorporated into the picture. We guarantee that your guests will laugh, enjoy themselves, and take home a personalized gift that they will always cherish.

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