About Ellen

What became of the grade school kid that constantly disrupted the class by drawing caricatures of her teachers?

I made a life-long profession out of it!

I began drawing caricatures professionally at age 16. I draw both traditional and live digital caricatures as an entertainer at events and trade shows nationwide. I also draw custom caricature illustrations from photos in my studio as gift caricatures.  Engaging, personable, and witty, I am quick to strike up a rapport with my subjects to put them at ease. I feel so fortunate to meet people from all over the world and make them laugh. The results allow for a fun-filled, often times hilarious experience for all.

I studied art formally at several art schools and universities across the country.  I have been interviewed on both Chicago and Cleveland  television talk shows where I discussed my paintings, sculptures, murals, and caricatures. I have exhibited my paintings and sculptures in top national galleries and group museum shows. Samples of some of my paintings can be viewed at  www.twistedtoypaintings.com 

I paint custom murals. The murals I have been commissioned to paint vary from whimsical children’s rooms to Trompe L’oeil illusions and architectural painting. www.chicagomuralpainting.com

Currently, I have a puppet making business where I create caricature hand puppets from a photo.  www.makemeapuppet.com 

Most recently, I have created a digital multimedia installation comprised of animation, my own music score, and digitally designed acrylic sculptures that appear 3D due to the wireframe design and sound responsive LED lights.

I also work part-time at various hospitals and cancer care facilities, providing healing arts and craft projects for oncology outpatients and their families.