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Digital Caricaturists 2023 Outlook


January was a confusing month for digital caricaturists

Digital Caricaturists 2023 Outlook is definitely a positive one based on the bookings we are receiving already. December of 2022 was the busiest month in my career. I literally was booked almost every single day! When January came, I was still getting many requests and bookings which was surprising because January and February are usually pretty slow months. However, many of the bookings fell by the wayside due to Covid 19 issues and financial cutbacks from my clients.

February is bonkers with Digital Caricaturists bookings!

Initially, Digital Caricaturists had very few bookings in February which wasn’t surprising coming off the holiday rush. Digital Caricaturists is ending up amazing in February. Low and behold, we are getting slammed with bookings once again and are receiving daily inquiries. Between pet caricatures for Valentine Day events at apartment buildings and company events.

Caricatures from photos is also in demand

February is picking up steam with gigs. Caricatures from photos has also been busy this month with 2 major group caricature commissions for private clients. I welcome the work, but the deadlines were intense.
Fortunately, I finished both commissions in time resulting in happy clients.

What is in store for Digital Caricaturists upcoming months?

Based on the amount of inquiry traffic of February, the 2023 outlook is looking very bright for digital caricaturists. More and more people are familiar with the new technology of digital caricatures and clients are definitely seeking out digital caricature entertainment for their events, trade shows, and parties.

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